SWSPL constantly strive to raise our standards of governance by adopting policies that clearly define our business approach.

We have robust policies on Board Diversity, Tax Policy, Whistle-blower policy, Sustainability, Supply Chain, Safety, Environment, CSR, and Human Rights. These policies undergo regular review and are updated as per current standards. Such a process reaffirrns our commitment to further accelerate our sustainability journey in these critical areas and hdlps us maintain the highest standards of governance.

Safe Operations: Health and safety of its workforce is a core value of SWSPL. Safety is at the centre of everything we do – from the daily routines in our plant.

Sustainable Supply Chain: Our efforts are concentrated on ensurihg that our supply chain keeps evolving into a more responsible and sustainable one. We value our network of suppliers and contractors who carry out their operations in alignment with our vision on Sustainability.

SWSPL’s Supply Chain and Procurement Policy helps build a supply chain that sustains business and is resilient with regard to risks.

Human Rights: SWSPL has developed a due diligence process to proactively identifu and assess potential impacts and risks relating to abuse of human rights.

1. Risk identification at our own operations
2. Risk identification in our own value chain or other activities related to our business
3. Risk identification in new business relations whether it be some new ventures, merger or
4. A systematic periodic review of the risk mapping of potential issues observed
5. Periodic review by top management and yearly review of the risk register