IT Policy

  • Data Security: All the employees of MIPL, should comply with systematic practice for keeping data by
    protection from corruption & unauthorized access. To ensure privacy while protecting corporate data.
    Users are not supposed to do his or her personal work on computers. Don’t save your files (Personal
    unwanted files, personal data’s & pictures) in desktop & my doc because of any system problem /
    malfunction may affect local drive files so store the files on allotted shared drives only to avoid Data
  • Confidential: To must prevent the disclosure of company information / data’s / emails to unauthorized
    users or individuals. Don’t disclose to others if it is confidential to prevent the loss of the confidential
    information to others.
  • Backup: User should ensure to take backup on their individual data to external media like DVD / drives
    with IT team support. IT team should ensure data’s should be stored in removable media at secure
    location away from the computer.
  • Software Piracy: IT administrator should ensure the computers & software’s working with the proper
    copyright and Software Licenses. Don’t allow users to install personal software, songs, videos, photos,
    games & entertainment packages in office computers.
  • Virus scan: IT team should ensures the users computers having latest Antivirus software, current
    updates & schedule scan process are working properly on daily / weekly basis and Antivirus program is
    running on every systems.

    General Instructions:
  • Users should ensure their system protected with password. Unofficial CD, DVD, Memory cards, USB
    Drives should not be used in office systems. User should always work on his / her allotted computers.
    In case of any Urgency / emergency user may use other’s machine with consultation of IT
    administrator. System should be properly shut down before leaving the work place / office.
  • Food and drinks like Cup of Tea / Coffee or water glass should not be placed near systems & never
    stack books / files or other materials on / near CPU & Printers.
  • Don’t take unwanted printouts if it’s not necessary to save the paper & cartridges
  • User should always work on his / her allotted machines. In case of any urgency / emergency user may
    use other’s machine with consultation of System administrator / In-charge computer department.