Environment And Health Safety Policy

MUNDRA INVESTMENTS PVT. LTD. will strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of health, safety and
environmental performance & environment protection through global implementation of HS&E management

  • We will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards of the countries in which we
    operate and the principles of the Responsible Care and initiate the Business Charter for
    Sustainable Development.
  • Our stewardship of HS&E matters will be such that the communities in which we operate
    consider MIPL to be a good neighbour. We are sensitive, responsive and honest in our relations
    with these communities.
  • Regulatory authorities are provided with relevant information to assist them in taking well
    founded health, safety and environmental decisions.
  • Our customers are provided with appropriate advice on safe handling, storage, use and disposal
    of our products.
  • We educate, train and motivate our employee’s and require their active participation in
    maintaining and improving our health, safety and environmental standards.
  • The safety and environmental impact of our existing activities are periodically assessed to
    identify opportunities for improvement of performance.
  • Committed to comply, the EHS objectives in cooperation consultation and participation with
    workers, management will actively involve the employees in all matters that are relating to
    maintain of QEHS and the requirement of any relevant legislation.
  • All new processes, products and activities are similarly evaluated at each stage of their
    development with the aim of improving their health, safety and environmental characteristics.
  • All incidents, whether injury or damage occurs or not, will be thoroughly investigated to identify
    root causes and prevent recurrence. All deficiencies will be corrected within an appropriate
  • The health, safety and environmental performance of our contractors will be managed to
    standards equivalent to our own. HS&E performance is taken into account when selecting
    contractors and suppliers.