FIBC Bags Type B

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FIBC Bags Type B

FIBC Bags Type B are made of an insulating fabric that precludes sparks and discharge.

  • Safe to use for transporting dry, flammable powders.
  • Plain bag with limiting the breakdown Voltage less than 6kV.
  • Not intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Safe for use when no flammable solvents or vapors present around the operation area.



What is FIBC Bags Type B?

FIBC Bags Type B are a specific type of flexible intermediate bulk container designed with certain properties to handle specific materials safely. Here are the key features and characteristics of Type B FIBC bags:

  1. Material: Made from non-conductive fabric similar to Type A bags.
  2. Breakdown Voltage: Designed with a breakdown voltage of 4 kilovolts (kV) or less, preventing the occurrence of highly energetic and dangerous propagating brush discharges.
  3. Static Electricity: They are not designed to dissipate static electricity. Instead, they prevent the occurrence of sparks and brush discharges by limiting the buildup of static energy.
  4. Usage: Suitable for transporting dry, flammable powders where no flammable solvents or gases are present. They are not suitable for environments where a flammable atmosphere with flammable gases or solvents is present.
  5. Safety: Provides an added layer of safety compared to Type A bags, making them a cost-effective option for handling certain materials that could otherwise pose a fire or explosion hazard.

Type B FIBC bags are a crucial part of safe bulk material handling in industries where static discharge could present a risk, but where full conductivity is not required.

What is the difference between FIBC Bags Type A and FIBC Bags Type B?

FIBC Bags Type A and Type B, while both made from non-conductive fabric, serve different purposes based on their static electricity handling capabilities. Type A bags lack any special features to control static electricity and are thus only appropriate for transporting non-flammable products in non-hazardous environments. These bags should not be used where flammable gases, vapours, or combustible dust are present, as they cannot prevent or control static discharge, posing a significant risk of fire or explosion.

In contrast, Type B bags are designed with a specific breakdown voltage of 4 kilovolts (kV) or less to prevent dangerous propagating brush discharges. Although they do not dissipate static electricity, their design limits the buildup of static energy, providing a higher level of safety when handling dry, flammable powders in environments without flammable gases or solvents. This feature makes Type B bags a safer and more suitable option for transporting certain flammable materials, offering an added layer of protection compared to Type A bags.


Are FIBC Bags Type B waterproof?

FIBC Bags Type B are not inherently waterproof. They are designed primarily for their anti-static properties rather than for moisture resistance. However, they can be manufactured with additional features to improve their water resistance. Here are some ways to make FIBC Bags Type B more waterproof:

  1. Liner Inserts: Adding a polyethylene or polypropylene liner inside the bag can provide an additional layer of protection against moisture.
  2. Coated Fabric: The outer fabric of the bag can be coated with a layer of polypropylene, making it more resistant to water ingress.
  3. Sealed Seams: Using special seam-sealing techniques can help prevent water from entering through the stitching.

While these features can enhance the water resistance of Type B FIBC bags, they are not inherently waterproof unless these modifications are made. If moisture protection is crucial, it’s essential to specify these requirements when ordering or selecting the bags.

How fast can I get my FIBC Bag Type B delivered?

That depends on several different factors such as availability and region. Contact us if you would like to know more about delivery details.

FIBC Bags Type B: Safe Handling of Flammable Materials

FIBC Bags Type B are crafted from specialized materials with a low breakdown voltage, designed specifically to prevent hazardous static discharge during the transportation of flammable or combustible materials. These bags offer robust safety features, making them essential in industries where static electricity poses a significant risk.

Features and Applications:

Constructed from materials with a low breakdown voltage, ensuring safe handling of flammable materials. Designed to mitigate the risk of static electricity discharge, enhancing workplace safety. Offers a high load capacity suitable for heavy materials prone to static buildup. FIBC Bags Type B are crucial in industries handling:

Chemicals: Transporting powders, granules, and materials prone to static discharge. Petrochemicals: Safely transporting flammable liquids and gases. Pharmaceuticals: Ensuring static-free packaging for sensitive medical supplies. Benefits and Proper Usage:

Prevents static electricity hazards, crucial for industries dealing with flammable substances. Meets international standards for static protective packaging, ensuring compliance. Provides dependable performance in static-sensitive environments, enhancing reliability. Always ground bags during filling and discharging processes to dissipate static charges safely. Store in a controlled environment to maintain static protection properties. Contact Us:

For more details on FIBC Bags Type B or to place an order, contact our team. We provide high-quality products and comprehensive customer support tailored to your needs.

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