“We endeavour to become the leading lndian company for sustainable business practices across
global operations” our vision for sustainability that is rooted and is driven by a strong sense of purpose to lead
sustainable business practices globally. To realise this vision, SWSPL is committed to run its operations in a way that we grow business while conserving natural resources, minimizing our carbon and water footprint, increasing our positive impact on communities, and making a meaningful impact for our patrons. SWSPL is committed to driving sustainability across the value chain of its operations. To achieve this, we focus on carbon emissions, energy reduction, water management, waste management, biodiversity management, resource management, community relationship management! occupational health and safety, human rights management, employee wetl being and product development. lnnovation and technology play a key role in driving our efforts in these areas. With this objective, our R&D Centre provides comprehensive technical and analytical support to the business and pioneers in developing sustainable business results. Below are few of our efforts to leave a healthier planet for our future generations, in partnership with our employees, customers, suppliers, government and society.
1. Avoid operational activities in close proximity to world Heritage areas
2. Avoid operating in critical habitats and ecologically sensitive areas
3. lnstallation of Solar Panels for energy efficiency
4. Raise awareness & provide training to encourage efficient use of energy resources, with a focus on reducing the energy intensely and carbon footprint in our operation
5. Promote research and development for cleaner and efficient technotogies to support the adoption of low carbon solutions.